Sunday, November 3, 2013

New assistant take two.

The last one made a minor typo on the last post. So I had to fire him.
By which I mean I fired a bullet into his skull. Yup, he's dead. I can't have an incompetent assistant now can I? They would have made a mistake and in this line of work, mistakes are deadly.

I'm kidding you assholes. You really think I'd kill a guy over a typo?
Okay, I admit I may have given the impression that I would. I am rather violent at times. But no, Little Mark is safe and sound typing this up as I dictate. No gun to his head this time.
Which hopefully means this time he doesn't forget to use spellcheck.

Use it.

Okay good. Now moving on to more important business. I'll be leaving my office for a while. Got some pests I need to hunt down in Germany. So Mark will stay here and update this blog while I'm gone. But only if something important happens. This blog isn't here for his sad life story. Not sure if his life story is sad but meh.

It actually Isn't..

I don't care Mark. Seriously, just stick to typing what I dictate. I don't need your personal input on this.
Seriously, stop typing and post this damn thing already.

Yes Ma'am.



  1. Mark, you may want to explore the "Dead Men's Pointy Shoes" career path. It will likely be a longer career than your current position.

  2. I look forward to his attempt.