Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cleaning up

Before I can start dealing with those little runners, I need to whip these proxies into shape. Really, they're a bunch of pathetic puppies. Half of them don't even know how to properly use a knife.
They blame it on my predecessor. Said he was cruel and unfair, not giving them the proper equipment.
They say he was obsessed with the Slender fuck. "If our Father wants you to sacrifice your life to accomplish his goals then you fucking sacrifice yourself."

Heh. They haven't seen true cruelty yet. But at least I'm not stupid enough to let this bunch of pussies go on missions without the proper training and weapons. No wonder they kept failing. You don't send proxies armed with only a knife after runners with guns. Even if you want them captured alive.
There are better ways. Much better ways. Heh.


  1. You need equipment, I can run you some guns. Pistols and rifles, mainly, not to mention some trained manpower as needed. Drop me an email if you're interested.


    1. I am rather Interested yes. I'll think about it.

    2. No rush. You may have to wait a couple days for Lovett to recover, but we can offer good prices and supply them pretty much anywhere.

    3. That's Okay, I'll just send my men after easier targets until then.

  2. Send a guy after me, I implore you. I'm just an injured little girl. He'll get back to you in no time. At least, most of him will.