Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've been promoted. And part of my new job is writing a blog. 
You're probably wondering who is this person and why would we care about them getting a promotion? 
You wouldn't. Unless you're a runner. 
If you are then this would be the perfect time to get very scared. 

You runners are responsible for my promotion. You're the ones that started this war. And it was a runner that killed the guy that had this job before I did. 
I'm not blaming you or anything. No, on the contrary even, I fucking love this job.

So thank you. Thank you for giving me my dream job, killing you guys. 
If you hadn't figured it out by now you're a moron. But yes, I'm a Proxy. I serve the almighty faceless dude. Some call him the Slender man others call him God. I just call him whatever I feel like calling him. 
Thanks to that promotion you caused, I now have several groups of proxies under my command. 
And I've been assigned to lead the efforts to extinguish your foolish war in this area.  I'm going to enjoy crushing all your hopes, one by one.


  1. Where are ya, you don't mind me asking? USA?

    1. No, I'm in Europe. Any other details are strictly classified.

      Not really though. I'm not gonna put my location on a public blog for all runners to see. Having the element of surprise is so much more fun. But yes, I'm somewhere in Europe.

  2. Ha welcome to this wonderful world of blogging, it's quite a doozy.

    Enjoy your stay, I'll be paying attention to you, to see if you're a puppy, or maybe more.

    1. I'd boast about my past to prove that I'm not a "puppy". But that wouldn't be fun, now would it?

      No, I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves.

  3. Discordia. Based on your comments, you're a fan of when my mental state gets completely FUBAR. Probably should have guessed you would be of the proxy persuasion.

    1. What can I say, I just love it when a person gets broken down. I should ask morningstar to put it on video next time and send it to me.