Friday, October 4, 2013


Finally the fuckers arrived.
Which fuckers? These fuckers.

Rogue proxies. My men had our eyes on them. Can't trust rogue proxies.
Not that they were a threat, far from actually, but I like knowing these things. Comes in handy when doing my job.
I let them in because I knew they were coming. (They said so on their blog. Idiots.) Had my men check them for weapons. You now, just in case. Once they were searched my men sent them into my office.

Me:"Took you long enough. So what is it that you want from me?"
Their leader signaled for them to answer.
Fuck face #1: "We just wanted to talk to you about-"
Me:"Yeah, screw that. I don't really give a shit."

I shot her in the foot. That shut her up.

Me:"I know what you guys are after. Funny thing is, I'm after the same things. And unlike you I actually have the resources to get it done. Which is of course why you came to me. But the problem is my info doesn't come free. I can give you a lead but from now on you report to me, personally. You're my bitches now. Got it?"

Fuck face #2:"What? No way we're not working for you! We operate on our own!"

My men enter the room. Aim their guns at the girls.

Me:"Not anymore you don't. Two options. You work for me, or you die right here. And I'd rather not get more of your blood stains on my carpet."

Their leader nodded.
I gave them the Info and told them to get the fuck out.
As much as I want to tell you guys what these fuckheads are after, I can't. Its classified. But I'm pretty sure these fuckers will screw up and release the info eventually anyway. But then at least its not my fault. I'm already getting enough shit from my superiors.


  1. 'Course, now thry have motive to double cross you. Wouldn't it be better to sell the information, then keep them under surveillance until you can take the prize from under their noses? I mean, isn't thatjust SOP?

    1. You're assuming there's a prize. There isn't. Just something that needs to be done.
      I wouldn't even have let the idiots in to my base. But their goal just happens to be one of a few less important objectives of mine. Not worth wasting my own men on.

      The fuckheads will probably die. If they happen to succeed, good. If not, oh well. Honestly I just like having control.

  2. If they're doing what you want done, just sell them the information. Call it a debt, call it in when you want to. Control is all well and good, but it's far better when the victims don't know they're being controlled.
    Also, apropos of nothing, is the Rake active around you and yours?

    1. If they were important in any way then yes controlling them without them knowing would be better. But they're just cannon fodder.

      And no, the Rake hasn't been seen around these parts in a while. If he's dead, good. Slendy didn't like him anyway.

  3. And people call ME a stuck-up bitch??? :3

  4. "Rogue Proxies" better known as "Runners." Kill on Sight, especially if their loyalty has still faltered.

    1. Well not really. These fuckers still serve the Slender man, they just weren't serving me. Now they are.