Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ugh adminstration

Reorganizing is a bitch. I need a new assistant, my last one got killed when we were dealing with that wild runner infestation. So any Belgian proxies that want this promotion should send me a mail.
I'll sort through the candidates and stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll pick your dumb ass. Probably not.

P.S. Bringing me a runner I can torture might increase your chances of getting this job. I need something to vent my frustrations on. 


  1. Hmph, sounds like your assistant had that coming. People near you must get hurt a lot. Tell me, are the proxies over here any good at fighting? Just wondering since the majority of you who I've gone up against were American, or Russian.

    1. Well they better be. I payed for their training. If it didn't work I'll have to go and take my money back.

    2. I'll bet that just leads to more death.

  2. Oopsies. We seem to be making your job harder. I'd apologize but it was too much fun and I'm not really sorry. :D